Terms and Conditions

Scope of validity

The terms and conditions therein are applicable to all the orders that are executed by The carrier, unless barred by the mandatory statutory provisions. They touch on all the areas of operations as described below and all agreements that deviate from them are permitted.


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Areas of operation

The carrier acts at its capacity as a moving company, unless it denotes to itself as a broker or acts as such. The carrier will act in this capacity by concluding agreements with the moving sub-contractors and contractors.

Onsite Estimates

Although Moving companies aren’t allowed to provide estimates, most do as requested by the clients. Moving companies charge their clients for the provision of binding estimates describing the service and all the other services provided.

Upon making a request for more services other than those available in the onsite estimate, the mover may take it upon itself to demand for full service payment for the additional services at the time of moving. If it happens that you agree only on the basis of the onsite estimate, then you can make the payment for services in cash, certified cheque and credit card.


The carrier will offer a client with a written/ oral quote.

Additional services, including supply of packing materials, piano stir carrier, heavy carry charges and piano stir carriers are performed upon request. Charges for such services are in excess of the initial quote charges provided.

The validity of the company’s quotes is limited in time, in line with the statutory provisions and specifications as outlined in the quote. Quotes are confidential and are only viewed by an individual in charge. The carrier reserves all the property rights and the copyrights with respect to the drafts and all quotes become invalid if they aren’t accepted within 20 days after their submissions.

The mover has the right to add other charges for other services that weren’t known before the move.

The customer is required to accept the oral and/or written quote provided by the moving Company and by doing so agrees and understands these terms and conditions.

Breaks during relocation

Movers are allowed 15 minutes breaks every 2 hours and the time spent is counted in the total time and charge to the client on an hourly rate.

Payment Terms

A) All payment shall be made as cash in advance, credit card in advance or cash upon service completion before unloading the truck ·

A commission of 3% is charged for payment using credit card (Master Card and Visa).

The company has the right to request any other payment through any other reasonable means. The retention of the payments and offset of outstanding invoices against the counterclaims isn’t permitted.

B) Default of Payment

A monthly administration fee of 3% shall be applicable for all late payments.

Storage in default of payment more than 30 days is subject to sale or disposal of goods. All costs at owners expense.

Deposits are non refundable upon cancellation but may be applied to a future booking if more than 10 days notice is given.

Cancellation policy

The company is set to offer impeccable services to the customers. However, in case of circumstances that will limit the Company from providing services to the customer which is beyond the company’s control, it will not be able to compensate the customer for cancellation.

Prices and orders

All the prices in the company’s price lists and the flyers are not binding. In case of price changes, additional fiscal fees, third party increment and currency fluctuations, adjustments will be made accordingly. In case of order cancellation, the costs incurred will be directed towards the customer. When the customer decides not to use the mover, causing delay he or she should move to cancel the order.

Liability of Originating and Delivering Carriers

The carrier reserves the right to transfer the shipment job to a subcontracting carrier without notifying the shipper. In the case of a job-transfer, the subcontracting carrier becomes liable for the shipper’s articles, as outlined in the terms and conditions of the subcontracting carrier.

Exception from Liability

The carrier shall not be liable for:

a) Loss or damage or delay to any of the goods described in the Bill or Lading caused by an act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, the act or default of the shipper, authority of law or quarantine
b) Other than because of his, his agents’ negligence:

c) Loss of contents of shipper, packed articles, unless the shipper requested an inventory count from the carrier to be performed during the move.

Burden of proving absence of such negligence shall be on the carrier:

a) Damage to or loss of a complete set or unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost, in whichever event the carrier shall only be liable for repair or recovering the lost or damaged piece or pieces, in case inventory count was requested.
b) Damage to the goods at place or places of pick-up at which the shipper or his agents are not in attendance
c) Damage to the goods at place or places of delivery at which the shipper or his agents are not in attendance and cannot give receipt for goods delivered.


a) In the case where the shipper did not pre-arrange for a Secure Move (which includes paying a deposit to the carrier in advance), the carrier is not liable for delays in the arrival of the moving crew; the carrier reserves the right to delay the moving job by up to 24 hours.
b) The carrier is not responsible for delays due to traffic or inclement weather.
c) The carrier is not liable for any financial loss suffered by the shipper as a result of the delay of the move.
d) The carrier is not responsible for the security of your residence during loading or unloading. The carrier is only responsible for the security of your belongings during handing and shipping.

Maximum Liability

Our standard liability (which is provided free of charge) regarding your belongings is limited to sixty cents per pound per article. If you would like full replacement coverage, please let us know and we will provide a separate quote for this.


Any large item claim should be lodged within 72 hours after the move while small item claim should be lodged before the end of 20 days after the move.

Place of Jurisdiction

Canadian law allows the filing of disputes and the area of Jurisdiction is Newmarket, Ontario.


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