Professional Suggestions From Movers in Newmarket, For Those Who Are Planning Their Move

Take these ideas offered by Movers in Newmarket to ensure that your valuable items leave their boxes in good condition.

  1. Use the appropriate size boxes. Fit heavy items, like books, in smaller boxes. Light-weight items, such as bedding and cushions, go in bigger boxes.
  2. Set bulkier items to the bottoms of boxes, less heavy items on the top.
  3. Avoid making bare spots in the boxes. Use clothes, bath towels, or packaging paper as padding.
  4. Don’t mix items which belong to different rooms in one box.
  5. Tag each box with the room which it belongs and a short description.
  6. Seal well your boxes.
  7. When moving expensive artwork, ask your movers in Newmarket about special care.
  8. Properly pack your fragile. Pack dishes on their sides, and not flat and use a good amount of padding.

Movers in Newmarket are glad to offer packing service to relief you from worries and troubles.