Why is so Important to Pick a Proper Moving Truck?

When it comes to pick a moving truck which can fit all your belongings, it looks like easy.  At first sight any truck looks big enough. However, once you begin filling it, you may find that actually you are short on space. Knowing that,  Newmarket Movers suggest taking a minute to read this short guide about important things to know before you decide to rent a moving truck.

How to calculate truck size in cubic feet?

Each rental truck fits a specific amount, commonly measured in cubic feet. This way of measuring takes into account the whole storage area of the truck. This way of measuring works great, unless of course you are experienced enough with the way to pack properly from floor to ceiling for best efficiency. Our first advice is to get a truck slightly bigger than what you think you will need.

Think about your Belongings.

Other than cubic feet, the majority of moving truck rental companies offers an approximate measurement. For instance, you might hear that a 20-cubic-foot truck can hold roughly about three rooms of home furniture. Bear in mind, all these quantities are only estimates. The actual volume of rooms a pickup truck holds depends on the amount of actual belongings you have in the room. The estimates derive from the standard minimums for every room, like a sofa+ chair+ love-seat in any living room. Imagine if you’ve got two large sofas or even a sectional, or maybe just one single couch? That is why is important to consider your belongings!

After that, compare with your moving truck company’s estimates, and you’ll have a better understanding on deciding on the best size truck. Picking out the right-size truck rental is essential if you want a successful moving experience. With a too small truck you are at risk to not be able to fit all your stuff and as a consequence you’ll need to make few trips. With a too big truck, your items might get damaged due to the fact they move inside during transportation. A standard rule is roughly 300 cubic feet of space per room. Using this calculate, a 1,000-cubic-foot truck can handle three plus rooms worth of stuff. Don’t forget this is only a general approximation.

To avoid all these problems and worries, hire professional movers in Newmarket and get you a peace of mind!